Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Iphone 5 Latest Pictures September 12 2012 - Live Coverage

Here is  live coverage to the latest photos and updates related to iPhone 5
This topic constantly renewed  in order to show latest images and  information  related to iPhone 5 

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All images will be published after seconds of  Iphone 5 event

apple iphone 5
This is iphone 5 
Iphone 5 

white iphone 5
"The iPhone 5 comes in this black color, and also white."
The world's thinnest smartphone
iphone 5 games
"Full console quality."

"So, you can imagine the challenge on the battery life. But we've not only matched it... we've exceeded that of the iPhone 4S."
iphone 5 camera
"We asked our team to try and design something better than the iPhone 4S... and they've done that. 8mp, backside illuminated, hybrid IR filter..
Iphone 5 microphones
"Everything has been updated in iPhone 5, and that goes for the audio system as well." Three microphones, bottom, front, and back

Iphone 5 3D maps
"We've also got great satellite imagery."
Iphone5 white
"iPhone 5 is the result of this approach. For the first time ever, we've increased the size of the display. You can see more of your content, but still comfortably use it with your hand."
Iphone 5 price
Same price for the iPhone 4S. $199 $299, $399.
Picture from Iphone 5 launch

Picture from Iphone 5 launch

Picture from Iphone 5 launch
Price wise you can expect the 16GB model for $199, the 32GB for $299, and the 64GB version for $399.


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