Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Intel 510 Series SSD ; THE Faster SSD consumer in the world

When we had the opportunity to experience the latest additions to Intel into the market of storage media hard - SSD - and is the product INTEL SSDSC2MH250A2 a capacity of 250 GB a people group 510 new modes of the SSD produced by Intel, which was removed to be unveiled for the first time in nearly one month ago I saw that offer this test and this test is a different way, away from the numbers and technical information is solid and what we are trying to do is always to offer an easy and useful piece of information accessible to the reader in the recipient directly.
Despite the fact that these figures achieved by the 510 category of the new Intel already amazing but what means the end user directly is not the numbers as much as what it means to the ultimate impact of this product on the experience of dealing with technology in their daily lives.
For this reason, we will present today what is the video tells the full experience of the first step to the last we've played with this product to provide you with a detailed explanation about the following:

I have a user desktop or laptop computer, what is the difference and interest will I get if you upgrade the hard drive to the traditional trade my one and modern modes of SSD?
In the event that made the decision to move to the SSD, what are the steps - in detail - you will need to complete this transition? Including the steps to transfer data from old hard drive and install the new piece, and even operate a computer again.
Note: The device used in this experiment is a complete MacBook Pro 13 ", but everything is fully applies to any computer other mobile with minor differences in the tools used and how to access the hard drive. The proportion of mutation that may be obtained in the performance of your computer, you can expect simply from the reality of what you'll find in this video from comparisons between time and clear time to run applications that we have made before and after the transition from a traditional hard drive to the SSD from Intel.

But, for lovers of numbers and statistics, we must and we have to go back to you. Intel branded products 510 SSD Series against the end-user as simply the fastest in the world in terms of speed reading and writing data with full support for SATA III compass data quickly 6Gbps and speed of data transfer rate up to 500MB / s and read speed straight up to 315MB / s and The reality is that our testing was to confirm these figures and added to when a quick comparison with a database PassMark for the fastest modes of the SSD available in the market now that this particular version that we tested was the second fastest product currently available in its class. 
Conclusion and final remarks:
Summary of what I got from the results refers to significantly shorten the time to run applications, especially those that require a long time in the ordinary course of up to operating mode, and this improvement has arrived in time to run some applications than traditional hard disk to 4-5 times the speed. The best performance we got during the same do these applications and the implementation of other tasks related to dealing with the files contained in a new hard drive, and the applications that do not deal directly with files stored - such as a web browser and others like him - will remain the direct gains in the speed to run the application only. I did not notice any significant improvement in the speed of starting the operating system when you run a computer - contrary to what I expected - and is something that I did not find his rationale.
So, is it worth to do to upgrade your hard drive to a Bhacbi Products Intel 510 Series SSD? I think you already have the answer to this question is that the control on the margin of performance that will get him in addition to the advantages of the SSD many other which we have observed a clear Through this experience, which includes absolute silence for a computer that you get used to leaving voice hard drive faint, which may be Atdth addition to the freedom of I'll calculate the movement without fear of vibrations that spoil your important files.
But I think she remains a central issue in this regard, that is the issue price of the product. This product is precisely the same capacity - 250 GB - will be available in the market retail price in the range of 600 to 680 USD in price an advertiser is available to manufacturers of computers is $ 584 with a minimum of 1000 units sold. This is what we would describe in one word as a high price significantly. There remains another alternative logical for those who did not see this amount is reasonable and that in this current period, we do not recommend large-capacity storage when thinking about buying the SSD where you can get the storage capacity at relatively low it seems more logical. Intel sells products the same category - 510 Series - with a capacity of 120GB and a price within the $ 300.


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