Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Facts about the top five in the clashes against Real Madrid and Barcelona


Following are facts about the top five encounters unexpected in a meeting at home to Real Madrid and Barcelona in the first leg semi-final of Champions League football on Wednesday.
This is the third meeting between the adversaries of the four games in 18 days and will be held in the second leg semi-final of the Champions League at the Nou Camp the third day of May next.
Pepe in the face Messi ..
Payment of the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho his compatriot Real Madrid central defender Pepe in the midfield consisting of three players instead of fulcrum heart of the defense, the most tactical changes that allowed the team to deny the Spanish capital of Barcelona, ​​known in the way of smooth passes and possession of the ball for long periods.
And rarely allowed Pepe's Portuguese midfielder for the Argentine Lionel Messi the best player in the world to dodge him and the body of conflict between the two difference in the way between the two sides in the first two matches of the top chain.
Only Real Madrid and Barcelona to leave the market share for long periods on the ball but made a great effort to reduce the space on the pitch and the pressure firmly on his opponent in all legitimate ways to play until the final stretch.
The impact of this matter, and clearly in the interest of Real Madrid in the first half of the previous two games but the team was unable to continue on the same vein, which led to end Barcelona encounters stronger.
Because of the close supervision of the Baby Messi is known for his calm his nerves and knocked the ball in the stands because of his frustration which led to the confrontation between the two.
Barcelona did not find an appropriate response only an exaggeration of his players to show the seriousness of friction Real Madrid to the rule, which would be expected to be repeated in a meeting tomorrow.
Barca defense plagued by injuries in the face of the counter-attack for Real Madrid ..
Long injuries Adriano Correia and Eric Abidal, Gabriel Milito and Maxwell, which means that Barcelona will involve players in their position is, which could lead to the decline of the Argentine midfielder Javier Mascherano to the center of defense alongside Gerard Pique.
Carles Puyol is recovering from an injury to his calf muscle since his surprise comeback after an absence of three months in the first summit meeting of the league last week but missed the King's Cup final as a precaution and may participate in tomorrow's game the status of left-back.
And adopt defensive performance for Barcelona heavily on the team keep the ball for long periods and to control the pace of play.
Shake and if this performance by Becky and Daniel Alves and the rest of the team will face Barcelona in the quick counter-attacks for Real Madrid, led by Angel Di Maria, Cristiano Ronaldo and Massoud Oezil.
Specialization in the payment of free kicks in the face of the rapid implementation of free-kicks ..
Ronaldo shots from long distances do not need to provide a free-kick which was carried out and hit the post in the King's Cup final brought back memories of the capacity of wing former Manchester United in the exploitation of these pieces.
Mourinho had said it was impossible to try to play the same way as Barcelona to Real Madrid that will depend on counter-attacks when the opponent lost the ball as hard kicks that are of great importance.
Real have players tall and strong through the implementation of hard kicks, which was one of the few weaknesses of Barcelona, ​​but Ronaldo scored with a header after a neat cross from Di Maria to settle the King's Cup final for his team.
And fluent Messi and Xavi free-kicks but Barcelona brilliantly avoids sending a lot of long passes inside the penalty area rival and often implemented through the set-pieces and short passes quickly.
It is expected to rely on Real Madrid Barcelona prevent the implementation of set-pieces quickly in a meeting tomorrow.
Of scoring goals in the two teams ..
Adopted heavily on Barcelona Messi scoring goals over the last period after scoring the best player in the world 50 goals in all competitions, which compete with the team this season, but the Catalan club needs to restore the other duo in the line of attack to their levels again quickly.
David Villa and ended an 11-game absence on the scoresheet on Saturday when he opened the scoring in the match which was won by Barcelona 2 - and win over Osasuna coach Pep Guardiola hopes that Spain striker gets a boost in the last month of the season.
But Pedro Spain striker did not shake the net in the last 12 games with Barcelona.
Despite the fact that Real Madrid was adopted at the beginning of the season largely on Ronaldo to score goals after the Portuguese winger hit the net 42 times in all competitions involving the team but Mourinho has a problem represent a dream for most trainers.
It seemed that the French striker Karim Benzema felt unsafe after the accession of Togo Emmanuel Adebayor on loan in January last to get in shape and scoring 21 goals in all competitions involving Real Madrid.
As explained Brazilian playmaker Kaka and Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain to be fit for they regained fully after a long absence due to injury and have made five goals to lead Real Madrid to beat Valencia 6-3 in Spanish league on Saturday.
Mourinho in the face of Guardiola ..
Mourinho looks forward to his third title in the Champions League with three different clubs after winning before with Porto and Inter Milan and experience that can not be compared in the management of the confrontations, consisting of two legs of the second leg.
Mourinho has the intelligence Ktttiya and give him the abundance of players on the bench points than Real Madrid.
In the Valencia match on Saturday to pay Mourinho Trio Kaka, Benzema and Higuain, who are charged with working more than 100 million euros in the line of attack, although they all did not participate in the final of the King's Cup.
And engaged in the Barcelona semi-final of the Champions League for the third time in three years with Guardiola, who rarely are a lot of changes in the ranks of his team or in the style of play.
Means the injuries and absences that Guardiola does not have a lot of options on the bench to change the course of the game if all goes as is good for his team.


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