Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Global survey asks 24 countries who created life and existence


London - Kamal Qubeisi
Saudi Arabia is a state that leads the people of faith that God, the Almighty, is the creator of existence and all living organism, according to a global survey organized by the Institute "Ipsos" famous studies and surveys of this type, and transmit the results of Monday 4/25/2011 on its Web site, and included 18 thousand and 531 people from 24 countries in 5 continents who answered two more questions: faith in God and human destiny after death.
He said, "Ipsos" in its poll The Saudis answered online for one question only, which is on including the creation of existence and life, and whether the creatures God's will or developed by different factors and have evolved slowly from the decline earlier, as apes and monkeys, that have become what it is today.
28% only, ie, 5300 people around, they answered with the Saudis that they believe that God, the Almighty, the Creator of all things, and that the human and other organisms is the result of the creation of God par excellence, did not evolve from a degeneration of animal earlier, as contained in the theory of "out of species "is famous for Darwin.
And led the Saudia Arabia of these few believers creation of divine presence and life by 75%, followed by Turkey (60%), and Indonesia, primarily the third (57%) and came South Africa (56%) fourth and first among the Christian countries, followed by Brazil (47%) in the fifth degree and the second a Christian , while the United States came in sixth place (40%) and the third Christian.
The non-believers creation divine they account of the total, 41% believed that living organisms evolved from an ancestor dynastic degenerate, ie apes and monkeys or Flip Flops amphibious primitive, leading Sweden in this category Gahdp and the existence of the Creator by 68%, followed by Germany (65%) and China (64%) and later Belgium (61%) in the fourth degree.Confusion in the quality of life after death
He believes 51% of those surveyed who did not include an Arab country is Saudi Arabia, the existence of a divine infinite capacity, while it does not believe 18%, while 17% said they were unsure.
Indonesia and came first among the faithful (93%), followed by Turkey (91%) and Brazil (84%) ranked third, note that the Saudis did not answer this question as not asking them at all. The Gahdon to the divine Wiczamthm France (39%), followed by Sweden (37%), Belgium (36%) third.
And 51% for their faith in life after death, "while 23% they believe Baladmip college, which does not exist at all for any object after his death, while 26% that the fate of man unknown after his departure from life, which is a question not posed," Ipsos "the Saudis also , you probably already know their responses.
He said 23% of those who believe in life after death (they are 51% of the total year, as we mentioned) that are not necessarily those of life in the committee or fire, as he said 19% of them said that its resting place and one of the two, and there are 7% believed in Reincarnation, where the spirit left the body in this life, settle in another after death and live a different life in a series Tqmsat no one knows when it ends, I think, only 2% that Paradise is a place to live after his death certainly human.
The Mexicans claimed the lives of the faithful after death by 40% but not in the Commission nor the fire, followed by Russians (34%) and Brazilians (32%). The category is locked Reincarnation of Hungary is primarily (13%) and Brazil (12%) and Mexico (11%) third degree.
Indonesia was in the first place among the faithful that the fate of man after death is according to Islam: either the Commission or fire (62%), followed by South Africa and Turkey (52%) and the United States third (41%), and then Brazil (28%) fourth.
And continued to poll two weeks in September, and included from the ages of 18 and 64 years in 5 countries: U.S., Canada and the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, and 11 European countries: Germany, Hungary, France, Belgium, Italy, Britain, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Russia and Turkey, and 6 Asian: Saudi Arabia, China and India Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, in addition to Australia from Oceania and South Africa of the continent.


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