Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nokia and Microsoft sign its deal before the deadline

The leading company Nokia phones and Microsoft's leading programming announcement in February last they Sithaddan together for the production of Nokia phones running the new Windows Phone from Microsoft.But it was only yesterday when the two companies to end the deal and signed already, which was scheduled to be signed in the month of May, but it seems that the two companies have carried out an end to details of the deal early on and signed to actually start a new era in Nokia Corporation, where for the first time in its history will use a system development another company.
With the signing of the contract came some of the details were vague during the first ad, The deal is now a window must be that its conditions had been fully developed, and that's really what happened, and for the details of the contract and the role of each respective company in the transaction is as follows:

Mutual cooperation between the two companies to deliver a unique experience include:

Provide Nokia Maps, Navigation and Location Based Services System Windows Phone and an innovative click System in the areas of strength such as photography and support for more languages ​​and hardware own distinct, and Microsoft will in turn provide search services Bing, advertising and games Xbox and social services and other phones with Nokia.
To attract developers to the ancients for Symbian, Microsoft will make the registration for the first year for them in Windows Phone software developers for free, which requires the original $ 99.
Nokia will open a new application store of its own, based on store Windows Marketplace will provide applications for all Nokia phones operating systems Windows Phone, Symbian and Series 40.
Nokia will provide facilities known by the provision of payment in the store through the bill and operators provided by Nokia is currently in 112 service provider located in 36 countries.
Nokia will pay for the Microsoft Peer use the system, and provide system from Microsoft will help to reduce the expenditures on the development of the system internally.
In light of this Convention and the contributions to be made by Nokia, Microsoft will pay for Nokia an estimated billions of dollars.
In the light of the present Convention, which includes an exchange of property rights, Nokia will receive large sums of money due to this.

It seems that the directors of both companies are very happy with this transaction, he says, by Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia: "this transaction, we entered into a winning position of the parties, we complement each other and collect all of this, we'll create a rival system that strongly."
As Steve Ballmer Microsoft executive director it says: "Our agreement beneficial to industry as a whole, Together we will innovate rapidly, and we will provide excellent opportunities for consumers and our partners also to share our success to be gained."

Stephen Elop said that the company is now moved from development phase to implementation phase, and now are transferring their services already to the new system is expected to be announced the first mobile company in this system last year.

For the time being, however, Stephen Elop said that Nokia is currently a strong emphasis on providing the best experience of Mobile and Symbian phones distinct order and updates the next, which will soon start updating the new Symbian Anna.


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