Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now in the markets , Smart TV Recognize the viewers


Asked one of the Japanese electronics industry two new models of television sets can be described as "intelligent television" where can recognize a personal view and the availability of his favorite programs at the time he wants without trouble.
And devices are the TV "U. L 863" and "feed. L 833" and are equipped with an integrated camera that can detect 4 of the users and automatically adjust the options he prefers, all of them in terms of volume and the degree of lighting and a list of channels selected by each of them.
And having TV "S-L 833" sizes 32 and 27, 42 and 46-inch and will be put on the market next month for sale at a price ranging between 799 and 1249 euros, and put the second model, "Yu. L 863" in the same sizes in the second quarter of this year and would be in price between 899 and 1349 euros.
In conclusion, the Japanese company its collection of television sets new technological device "55 L Z-1", which has a giant 55-inch size and three-dimensional vision technology works, and can fetch up to 4999 euros.
The designers of the device developed that can also identify the watch, as it is equipped with a processor, "Sipho Engin", which can convert the image two-dimensional to a three-dimensional three-dimensional has been providing feature video recording on a built-in memory capacity of 500 GB as well as the display technology especially can control the degree of lighting in every part of the screen separately.


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