Friday, April 29, 2011

Scosche freeKEY Flexible Keyboard (video)

If you are looking for a light portable keyboard, the new Scosche freeKEY Bluetooth keyboard might well be worth a look. Its constructed from flexible silicon making it waterproof and enabling it to be rolled for easy storage and transportation.
Scosche has designed the freeKEY keyboard for tablet and smartphone users who occasionally might require a full QWERTY keyboard. The freeKEY Flexible Keyboard connects to the device using Bluetooth and will automatically re-pair to your device the next time the freeKEY keyboard is required. Watch Scosche’s promo video for their new keyboard after the jump.
Scosche freeKEY Flexible Keyboard

The Scosche freeKEY is now available to purchase for around $60 and has a 30 ft wireless range and comes with its own retractable cable enabling you to keep the freeKEY charged whenever needed.
Scosche freeKEY Flexible Keyboard 


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