Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The week of lawsuits between Apple and Samsung


Suddenly and without warning, go technical conflict between Apple and Samsung from the yards of markets and technology, to the courts on.

Apple has taken the initiative filed a lawsuit against Samsung Taathma the "copy" products, describing smartphones and Tablet PC produced by Samsung's tradition of being "blind" to their products.

Samsung today received lawsuits against Apple over patents related to my computer iPhone Wi-Bad.

May threaten this case the relations between the two companies as Apple relies on the Samsung for components such as microchips and liquid crystal displays, and volume purchases of Apple during the past year from Samsung some six billion dollars.

The two companies compete fiercely in the market for Tablet, where it produces Apple iPad , while Samsung produces the Galaxy has repented , and both have strong market in an unprecedented way in the markets, technology, not to mention the competition in the market for smart phones that work unwilling silver screen technology touch.

Apple has sold 18.6 million your iPhone in the quarter just past. The share of this market, Samsung's booming small until early last year. But it is expected that it has sold about 13 million units of smartphones in the last three months, and hopes to sell 60 million units this year.

The conflict began between the two companies, when the Apple lawsuit Friday alleging that Samsung violated the patents and trademarks for two iPhone Wi-Bad in time, and soon Mardt Samsung said in a statement Friday that the iPhone Wi-Bad violate the tenth patents to Samsung in mobile technology and called for Apple desist from violation of its technology and compensation.

It seems that the coming period will witness a conflict judicial hot, at least for conflict ignites minds of innovative technology in both entities. 


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