Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The White iPhone 4 in the markets Wednesday

http://www.swalif.net/swalifsite/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/whiteiphone-110424-1-450x344.pngAfter a long wait for a fan of the iPhone 4, Apple decided to launch version (white color) than the day after tomorrow in the U.S. market, then the rest of the market later, and Eugdoi differences between him and the four black iPhone, but only in color.

According to Helms in the report is based on the (familiar with the matter) as was described by the report, has begun a major U.S. retail stores already open for new hardware white color, from Verizon and AT & T.

The Vodafone UK has announced a few days ago it was preparing to launch iPhone 4 White clients her company only, in the UK.

The report said that the time set for the official announcement and the start of the sale will be Wednesday, April 27.

And launched the Apple iPhone 4 for the first time in the summer of last year, and sold the first day of its release nearly a million and a half million units.


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