Sunday, February 5, 2012

Foscam Wireless Camera Review

Foscam Wireless Camera
Foscam Wireless Camera
Here is a wireless camera from Foscam, the latest model FI8910W. If you are looking for a remote digital camera where you set it up and want to monitor remotely then you can get this one. Foscam one of the specialized wireless camera maker built this model with improvements than before when you compare with the earlier model FI8918W. This camera can be easily setup anywhere as you like and it works as a motion detector, nigh-vision camera as well as a network video recorder. Once the camera is ON, you can watch the video remotely through a web browser or directly from your smartphone or tablet.
  • It comes with an embedded IR cut filter which captures high quality picture and gives better color contrast.
  • It also adjusts the lighting according to the environment either it is day time or night time. You can also turn off the IR lights via the software interface provided to control this camera remotely.
  • There is an internal mic which helps to record the audio without any noise.
  • It has the capability to record the a/v on a remote place over Internet. It supports video resolution up to 640×480 pixels (okay for recording long time videos for security purpose).
  • The night vision support makes the camera to capture up to 8 meters distance (with the help of IR LED).
  • The motion sensor detects the movements in front of the camera and it has the capability to notify via e-mail best suited for security purpose.
  • It has the option to remotely upload the captured image to any FTP based online storage.
  • You can watch the video on standard browsers, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Tablets etc.
  • It has WiFi connectivity supporting the standard 802.11 b/g, wired LAN connection is also possible.
  • The lens measures 3.6 mm with 67 degree viewing angle.
Interestingly, this camera’s focus point moves around and looks great like a robot ;) watch the below official video from Foscam. Find more information about this wireless camera here.

Features of Foscam Wireless Camera:
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g support
  • Video resolution supports up to 640×480 pixels
  • Night vision support up to 8 meters distance
  • Motion sensor to trigger e-mail notification
  • FTP image upload
  • Internal mic + jack support
  • Wireless digital camera with remote recording over Internet
  • Support to remotely watch video on standard browsers as well as smartphone, tablets
Foscam Wireless Camera - FI8910W
Foscam Wireless Camera - FI8910W


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