Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Microsoft's Windows 8 showcase at MWC (Wednesday, 6 am PT)

Microsoft will explain why Windows 8 is an operating system you need to have on your computer and tablet.
Oh Windows 8, will you be worth the wait?
(Credit: Microsoft)
BARCELONA, Spain--Microsoft may be dumping Consumer Electronic Show, but it still has a lot of love for Mobile World Congress.
The software giant's massive presence at the world's largest mobile trade show highlights the shifting priorities of technology companies. Microsoft could have used its final keynote address at CES last month to show to make a big splash with Windows 8, but instead opted to use a more mobile-focused venue.
The company has a lengthy and comprehensive press conference planned tomorrow as it runs through the details of its Windows 8 operating system.
Windows 8 takes Microsoft one step closer to the ultimate integration of the PC, tablet, and smartphone experience, something rival Apple is also racing to get to with its iOS and OS X platforms. Microsoft's Metro-style live tiles, for instance, creates a consistent experience between Windows 8 and Windows Phone.
Microsoft hasn't been silent leading up to its big press conference. The company lowered the specification bar on its Windows Phone platform, allowing vendors to make more affordable phones, as illustrated by Nokia's newly unveiled Lumia 610.
We'll be covering the event with Scribblelive, so join us back at 6 a.m. PT tomorrow for all of the live updates on Microsoft's presentation.


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