Sunday, February 5, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus pictured – same thing, Android 4.0 buttons

This, according to a tweet from notorious mobile industry troublemaker Eldar Murtazin, is the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus. As the name suggests, it’s a pretty small update of the popular Galaxy S II, with the most obvious change being the addition of capacitive buttons which copy the on-screen system of the Galaxy Nexus and its Android 4.0 system.
With yesterday’s news that we won’t be seeing the Galaxy S III at this month’s Mobile World Congress event, it looks like Samsung is depending on its fans being kept happy by marginally more capable Galaxy S II update with Android 4.0 onboard.
samsung galaxy s 2 plus
It works for us. We’d have one. As a stopgap between now and whenever the Galaxy S III actually arrives. You can never have too many telephones.
Link via Into Mobile.


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