Thursday, April 28, 2011

After years of success, Facebook launches a new send button

After a fantastic year from the overwhelming success of a button or Like Like from Facebook, after it became customary to see things in most web sites, Facebook has decided to inject the idea of ​​a new button for each new webmasters.

Blog has announced development of Facebook for a button (send) allows users to easily send content to their friends. Whether as a special message arrive in the Inbox in Facebook if the addressee in the list of friends, or as an e-mail address to any other e-mail. To serve as a mobile station publicity for your site without cost you anything.

Message will carry the link to the topic on your site, with a description and image that you can include them through the mechanism of Open Graph meta tags.

Wonderful in the new system is that it makes you admire on a subject at a site directed to a specific person from your friends, instead of openly published on the page of your wall in front of everyone.

Facebook has also provided a new possibility for the integration of a button Like, with the send button in the HTML one, allowing display of any of the languages ​​translated by the Facebook site, including Arabic language course.

And made ​​Facebook a few months ago a special comments, and later developed some of the benefits, now being used by approximately 50000 sites across the internet, in the information announced by Facebook itself.


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