Thursday, April 28, 2011

Read the report of the financial Amazon Q1

Amazon announced yesterday its first financial results for the current year, which included sales figures and profits for the last three months.
The retailer - which was launched for the first time in 1994 - market integrated electronic shopping on the Internet, where you are buying and selling through credit cards and electronic banking.
In a study of close to most of the target expressed in the survey believed that Amazon represents the company (most enjoy) a good reputation for them.
In the following lines are observing the most prominent figures in the financial report of the Amazon, without entering into the complexities of accounting deviate from the objective article.

Total sales of $ 9.68 billion, an increase of 38%, the report is similar to last year.
Net income of $ 201 million, down 33% from net income of $ 299 million for Q1 2010 report
Value per share $ 0.44, retreating from its value a year ago, which was $ 0.66.
Operating cash flow $ 3.03 billion, up $ 9%
Sales North America, Canada reached $ 5.47 billion, up $ 45%
International sales, including Italy, Germany, China, France and Japan amounted to 4.39 billion dollars worth, up 31%
And commented Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon in a press release commenting on the findings of the report, saying: "During the 90 days past we have many products in our market-mail, such as different kinds of reader mail Kindle, and applications for Android, and Windows von 7, we love innovation, We want always to innovate on behalf of our users. "


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