Thursday, April 28, 2011

New sites in the search list to Google's instant .. Including Facebook!

Real-time service or Real Time provided by Google a few months ago on the famous engine, and displaying the instantaneous updates to some sites that Google considers that it is closest to the searches most users.

Based search technology instantaneous, which appear in the side menu to a search engine, the update for the moment by moment, and view the results of the update through the framework of moving down, so that if I wrote for example: site: in the search box, and press the icon (real time) we'll give you updates Twitter first hand.

Fantastic! , all the foregoing is known, then What's New?

New that Google has overcome all these limitations that govern the rules of competition with Facebook, and decided to offer instant updates facebook in the results of its search engine.

So now you can experience explanation is located in the second paragraph of the article, with the replacement of Twitter to Facebook and you can enjoy the facebook updates moment by moment.

And of course the Google presented the results of public research in the pages of Facebook, which is that data and updates that indicates the owners as being "available to all" when you publish on facebook.

Included a new step, next to Facebook, my Quora, Gowalla, as an addendum to a new property in real-time search that already includes a large number of international locations such as CNN, and Twitter and Reuters.


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