Thursday, August 18, 2011

CEO of Amazon's patent request (mobile air bags)

The way the airbags Airbags in vehicles to protect occupants from the sudden stop and shocks, devised Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon's technology is similar to the modern smart phones are expensive.

Patent made ​​by Bezos since last February, has not been announced for all only through the report of the newspaper "Telegraph" on its website this week only, and aims to maintain the smart phone falls and crash, by providing bags of air to prevent crashing if landed on the roof surprise to be rough.

Include new technology - according to what has been published as well - the possibility of changing the angle of the device to fall to the ground through a pneumatic tube, to reduce the size of possible losses from the impact of this fall.

Participate in the patent Bezos, Amazon's vice president Greg Heart, has not been granted a patent yet.


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