Saturday, February 4, 2012

Skype has just released version 5.8 of Skype for Windows

Skype has just released version 5.8 of Skype for Windows, bringing in some nice features particularly full HD video-calling, support for Facebook audio and video calling, and group screen sharing. With the new version of Skype for Windows, you can now make crystal-clear video calls with your loved ones or business contacts. This was made possible with Skype’s collaboration with Logitech through its C920 webcam.  Using Logitech C920 webcam, video encoding is carried out inside the camera, enabling full HD or HD video quality even for older computers.  Another new feature of Skype for Windows 5.8 is group screen sharing which lets you share your entire screen or single application window with other participants during a conference call. While sharing your screen, video streaming continues to run. Also working with the updated Skype for Windows is video calling to Facebook users. This lets you make video calls with your Facebook friends even if they are not using Skype for Windows. Other new features of Skype for Windows include – push to talk, Skype updater service, and Bing Bar integration.
via [Skype Garage]


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